9,999 unique NFT Sacred Avatars, Illustrated by Lucia Dami. A Sacred Avatar is your portal into this Sacred space with access to a present, compassionate and inclusive community and exclusive Sacred experiences.



  1. To promote collaboration over competition.
  2. To bridge communities and create a Sacred space that is inclusive, safe, and respectful.
  3. To center our community in grounded education, and spiritual expansion.
  4. To connect in real life through exclusive healing retreats.

SACRED is our birthright, the planting of a new economy.

What We Believe In

We believe in unity
in innovation through collaboration
in education and self knowledge
in spirtual expansion

And most of all we believe
that no matter where you are, how you feel, or what your story is, you are a unique expression of something Sacred that runs through us all.


Lucia Dami has created each Sacred Union artwork usinger her "Sacred Portrayal" technique. in which she hand draws with gold ink over printed portraits. Here she draws the gold into the NFTs owned by our biggest supporters, as a token of appreciation to those who have believed in us from the beginning.


Multidisciplinary team led by goddess Lucia Dami, artist and illustrator of the collection, and Bruja Carolina Coto, the visionary behind the project. They have never met in person but united through the pandemic to collaborate together. MacguyverTech makes it all possible thanks to their hands-on technical abilities & futuristic forecasting.


Minting to Allowlist - Early May

Presale goes live

3,333 Sacred Avatars will emerge and be ready to mint starting
in may at 0.05 ETH. Each person can mint up to 3 Sacred

Keep an eye on becoming community leaders on our Twitter
@TheSacredNFT and join us during New Moon and Full Moon
Twitter space ceremonies.

Public Sale - May

Full Launch of NFT Series

We complete the minting of the remaining
Sacred Avatars (and pending from the pre-sale)
on a date in May still to be determined. Each person can mint up to 3 Sacred Avatars.

New Moon in Gemini

Updates on new partnerships

Sacred holders will receive announcements on new partnerships, retreats, tools, and events.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

First Retreat Announced

Get ready to connect, heal, laugh, dance, hug, and journal. Reconnect with nature and our sacred essence. We are looking forward to the First Retreat to meet IRL, giving ourselves the gift to ground in nature.

New Moon in Cancer

Launch of our Coin

SACRED COIN is the foundation of our NFTs, a decentralized token that is inclusive, fair, and is responsive to the community. More to unveil during the Fall 2022 launch.